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The Team

A tad bit about Marlos

As a Fashion Merchandising graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, I envisioned myself behind the scenes of the fashions, arts, and entertainment world that would intertwine itself with the one thing I have always thought to have an abundance of, style! After years working for various retailers and boutiques around the country, I eventually started buying merchandise wholesale and branding under my own name. Later I would settle at being a good to mediocre digital music producer, although though I earned a living, I was suffering from the late nights and loss of sleep that normally accompanies the "studio" life. Most recently I found and have remained committed to an affinity for "arts & fashion" through photography. Nowadays, I feel being a photographer enables me to fuse all of my creative attributes into one place or space, allowing any of them to take lead when necessary.

My Skills

  • Photoshop 65%

  • WordPress 60%

  • Final Cut 65%

  • Adobe Premiere 72%

  • Lightroom 72%


Motion Video